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Tactacam is the first "action camera" truly designed for the hunter. It brings game 3x closer, keeps the target in the frame, won't focus on branches, works great in low light and is made to take the recoil.


Revolutionary TrueVision lens gives you 5 advantages over popular action cameras


1. Revolutionary TrueVision lens brings game 3x closer the POV cameras (with no fisheye distortion)

2. Hybrid lens design - zoom focus in center, wide-angle, natural-view to sides - makes it easy to keep game in frame.

3. Shockproof system; won't skip or blur due to shot recoil

4. Infinite Focus means target is always in focus, even when obstructed by branches

5. 12MP sensor is designed for low-light recording and reduced power consumption

Tactacam UltraHD Bow Camera

$189.99 Regular Price
$151.99Sale Price