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Coaches and Admin

John Lyman


John Lyman is the head coach of our program. A teacher by trade he enjoys teaching archery to youth and adult students alike. He teaches with Leroy Legg on Saturdays.


Edwin Larvey

Administrator - Coach - Level 2

Edwin has been collecting hobbies his whole life. That was how he discovered archery. It satisfies his love of marksmanship. Edwin’s day job as a manager in a machine shop and having a background in engineering and machining drew him to the mysterious flight of the arrow and why bows and arrows are designed and made like they are. He wants to understand why does the arrow, bow, and archer do what they do? As he made friends in Big Al’s he asked a lot of questions, at times driving the others crazy, and they put him to use to learn by doing. Dan invited Edwin to join the Big Al’s team by getting his Level 2 coaching certification through USA Archery.  He has also taken on an administrative club role managing and improving our pin shoots (USA Archery Achievement Award) database, USA Archery rosters, etc.

Leroy Legg

Head Coach - Level 3

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Steve Jordan Jr.

Coach - Level 4

Steve made it all the way to Chula Vista for his Level 4 coaching certification. He started our program well over 15 years ago. A veteran, author and mentor we wouldn't be where we are without him.


Cyrus Nguyen

Coach - Level 2

Cyrus has been a coach for over ten years. He shoots compound, recurve and barebow. Cyrus achieved Gold Olympian at 15. Currently he is available for private lessons.

JOAD coach HJoe Hynes shooting a compound bow.png

Joe Hynes

Coach - Level 2

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