JOAD Calendar

JOAD Calendar

JOAD is a nationwide program where certified coaches provide instruction for youth archers to help them progress in the sport at their own pace. If you are new to archery and are looking for an introductory program, like Explore Archery, JOAD has what you need to get started! You'll learn important skills, play exciting games and earn awards for developing fundamental skills and scoring achievements. JOAD clubs offer training and event preparation for all archery disciplines and many clubs have rental equipment available, so that you can try archery first before investing in equipment.


Big Al's Junior Olympic Archery Development program instructors are USA Archery certified and insured. Big Al's JOAD teaches it sessions indoors at our Salisbury range. We are structured on an eight week cycle. Seven weeks of instruction and one week for the shoot for score. 

Archers learn proper form, range safety and how to shoot. At the end of each session we facilitate a shoot for score, where students get to earn achievement certificates and badges that show their skill level. 

Classes at Big Al's meet Monday, Thursday and Sunday evenings as well as Saturday mornings. Membership of the JOAD program includes free range use for practice during the membership period at any time while the shop is open. Membership also includes expert advice from our knowledgable staff.

$155 for the first session.
$145 for all subsequent sessions if renting our equipment.
$135 for all subsequent sessions if useing personal equipment.

141 Bridge Road Salisbury, MA 01952

Second Floor